Gartner Studios, a client of VASO Group, showcases their product bundles including motivational journals on a marbled table

You can expand your catalog offerings and become a frontrunner on Amazon with product bundles. Bundling your products can boost visibility and sales, all while serving your customers with unique offerings that expand their enjoyment of your products.

The Basics of Product Bundles

There are two kinds of product bundles you can create on Amazon: virtual and hard.

  • Virtual bundles are packaged up by Amazon. The fulfillment centers package up your individual products into their specific bundle for you. That’s the upside. The downside is that there is no specific ASIN assigned to the bundle so you can’t easily track sales of that bundle. If you see an increase in sales across all items in that bundle, it’s a fairly safe bet that your bundles are selling.
  • Hard bundles are packaged by your team. You create a UPC and the bundle gets its own ASIN. This is a great way to get lower suggested retail price (SRP) items on Amazon, like refills and smaller accessories.

It’s worth noting that you can’t have two or more of the same items in your bundle. For example, three red notebooks with the exact same ASIN would qualify as a multipack, not a bundle. A bundle would be one each of red, blue, and yellow notebooks.

Amazon has specific guidelines for bundling products for sellers and vendors. Check your ideas against these requirements to make sure your bundle complies and won’t be suppressed.

Building Your Bundles

Here are three things to consider when building your product bundles:

  1. Pair things that go together, like complimentary products or things that are often purchased together. Think of products that make each other more attractive when sold together, like shampoo and conditioner.

  2. Include items like refills that may have a low SRP and cost too much to ship on their own. These items can add value to other products in the bundle. For example, combine a backpack with pocket-size hand sanitizer and lotion for back to school to create a back-to-school bundle.

  3. Create a sampler pack to provide a holistic view of your catalog, working to gain customer loyalty. Consider packaging a budding artist pack of different pens from your brand.

Your bundle can provide solutions for your customers so they have one less decision to make in their busy lives. Clever titles for your bundle can catch shoppers’ attention, like the “Must-Have Bullet Journal Pack.”

Those who are brand registered in Seller Central or have a premium account in Vendor Central can see what other items customers have purchased at the same time as their product. This can provide insight into potential product pairings, or it may inspire you to create a new product that is unique, interesting and solves a specific demonstrated need.

Talk to your account manager for bundling recommendations or contact us to discuss.