Hair styling products from Calista, a client of VASO Group, neatly displayed in boxes with bows for eCommerce holidays

“eCommerce holidays” are special occasions in the year that drive significant additional traffic to online marketplaces. Some holidays are obvious marketing opportunities, like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday/Cyber Monday. The sales from these holidays can be quite impactful and marketing gets significant attention and effort. However, minor holidays are often overlooked as a promotional opportunity despite their huge benefit: there’s less competition for consumer attention compared to larger holidays, which means there’s a greater opportunity for off-peak sales and stronger connection to your brand.

Ways to Celebrate with Your Customers

Entrepreneur recommends taking the opportunity to surprise and delight your potential customers with fun buying opportunities on these minor holidays. 

  • New product releases provide a fun pick-me-up when the rush of major holiday shopping is on hiatus.

  • Themed discounts can draw attention and increase your sales.

  • Social media posts bring your product to top of mind and capitalize on customer attention.

  • Consider boosting your ad budget on minor holidays that are relevant to your products to gain fresh eyes and return customers.

Finding Your Best eCommerce Holidays Opportunities

Some minor holidays may be obvious opportunities to promote your business, like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. With a little creative thinking, you may find other holidays to work into your promotional calendar. For example, February 18th is National Battery Day. While the idea is to replace all of the batteries in your devices and appliances that day, cleverness can connect the day to your product. Improvise on the day’s theme with self-care or leisure offerings, both connected to the idea of recharging.

Here are a few lesser known holidays that you may consider for your own promotions.

  • January 21 – National Hugging Day

  • March 8 – International Women’s Day

  • April 30 – Hairstyle Appreciation Day

  • June 8 – Best Friend Day

  • August 13 – Left Hander’s Day

  • October 25 – International Artist Day

With a little creativity, you can find multiple promotional possibilities throughout the year. For ideas on smaller eCommerce holidays to work into your promotional calendar, speak with your account manager or reach out to us.