Zebra, a client of Amazon agency VASO Group, showcases their journals and pens for Prime Day

As we turn the corner on the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries are gradually returning to business as usual. It appears that Amazon Prime Day will return to a summer slot this year, and with selections being due soon, you’ll want to submit your finest to take full advantage of the opportunity to gain more customers and increase your sales.

Types of Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day is historically huge for customers and businesses of all sizes. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow your business through Prime Day deals. Your products may be eligible for different offerings.

  • Deal of the Day: This invitation-only exclusive features your product for 24 hours with no additional deal fees. If you are invited to submit products for consideration, there is no guarantee any will be featured.
  • Lightning Deal: Available for a limited number of hours as determined by Amazon for your item, these promotional deals can increase brand awareness and sales while reducing your inventory. There is an additional fee for this option.
  • Best Deal: Featured for a limited number of days at a discount, this option has an additional fee but helps you reduce inventory and boost sales.

Making the Most of Prime Day

It’s important to put your best foot forward to secure the sales after drawing customers to your deal. Having quality content and complete product pages will support your promotional efforts.

Consider offering your best product to cultivate loyal customers instead of product returns or items that can’t return a profit. Make sure all offerings are Prime eligible and you have enough inventory to meet demand from Prime Day sales.

To discuss your Prime Day opportunities, speak with your account manager or reach out to us.