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At VASO Group, we have found a niche that other agencies don’t seem to fill. There’s a pretty big first step that often seems to go unnoticed. Rather than diving straight into KPI targets and SEO on Amazon, we like to take a step back and, in partnership with our clients, ask a few questions: 

What are we trying to achieve in the first place? What’s the life cycle of the product? Are we sure that a low ACOS is really the target that is going to move the needle, or is there some other KPI that is more indicative of performance at this stage in the game?

We can help you determine if your product needs a little more brand awareness or a little more efficiency. We can help you understand what Amazon PPC can and cannot do for your brand, and with the help of all of our various organizational capabilities, ensure that PPC is playing the correct role in the bigger picture of Amazon’s A10 Algorithm. In short, we can provide clarity in the wild wild world of Amazon advertising. 

At VASO Group, we specialize in:

  • Marketing Analytics that go beyond what is available in the out-of-the-box Amazon advertising console
  • Crafting marketing strategies that take into consideration how PPC fits into your product’s overall rankings on Amazon and Walmart
  • Building campaigns that are rooted in the shopper journey
  • Demystifying vanity metrics, and knowing when to take them into consideration and how they fold into the bigger picture
  • Optimizing, reporting, and constantly pushing you towards achieving your overarching goals
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To put it more formally for your leadership team, VASO Group’s marketing team approaches your product with a holistic, multi-tiered approach to developing a marketing strategy that aligns with your goals. We start with researching the shopper journey for your product and then marry this information to the data our analytics team provides on seasonality and overall category trends.

Taking our cues from these important first conversations we determine what levers to pull on Amazon and Walmart Marketplace and what KPIs to measure to make sure our campaigns continue to ladder up to your ultimate goals. We are with you every step of the way to strategize, build, and continue to optimize your campaigns in every way, from merchandising campaigns and keyword research to bid adjustments and daily budgets.

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