Analytics for eCommerce

From action to attribution.

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What do we mean by “analytics”? By definition it is “the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics.” The definition is hard enough to understand, nevermind the actual work. You need someone to guide you through the data and statistics that matter most to your Amazon listings and marketing campaigns.

Amazon’s out-of-the-box reporting capabilities are less-than-impressive. We offer bespoke data and analytics reporting and management that enables you to measure the impact of current activity on Amazon. 

We don’t stop at simple sales and inventory reports. We include such things as historical inventory on hand, chargebacks, PO acceptance rates, and more.

Go beyond the Dashboard

We gather the basic Amazon data from platforms such as Vendor Central. We dig out squirreled away data from the hidden corners of Seller Central. We gather and organize that data, creating a historical reference along with relevant terms. That means fewer macro terms like “office”  and more nuanced terms like “dry erase board.”

That means giving you granular certainty that you’re making the best informed decisions.

We offer analytical reports that are both personalized and interactive. Such reports may include monthly recaps, historical on hand, chargebacks, and PO acceptance rates. Our Amazon attribution can enhance your overall business strategy by giving detailed conversion metrics of activity on Amazon.

Our analytics team will support you as you reach your brands goals. That’s how you level up as an Amazon seller.

Let's get to work!

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