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Account Management

Marketplace Account Management

We partner with your team to provide expert sell-through strategies and tactics to increase your revenue. As a full-service eCommerce agency, we seek to find you opportunities to build your business and get on the fast track for success.

Our eCommerce account managers have a proven track record in growing brands of all sizes and knows what levers to pull in Seller Central and Vendor Central. We help you identify your place on the platform through a thorough business development process. Our sales team also stays up to date on industry trends to help improve your business model.

We fully integrate as part of your team from sales, marketing, content creation, demand planning and logistics, and strategically leveraging sales promotion. Our team believes communication is key for strong client relationships and will prioritize your goals.

We are dedicated to building client relationships that are both dependable and trustworthy. VASO has been able to build a successful account management team for existing clients and we always look forward to growing our long term relationships with new opportunities. Our expert eCommerce account managers will help you grow and successfully reach the milestones you have set for your brand.

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