Revenue Recovery

Specifically offered to 1P sellers, our Amazon revenue recovery solution focuses on reclaiming lost funds, allowing you to reinvest where you need it most. Let our team of experts help you recover what’s yours.

Bringing lost revenue back home.

VASO’s Amazon Revenue Recovery program is designed to help vendors recover funds that may be owed to them due to various reasons such as lost or damaged inventory, overcharged fees, or errors in fulfillment processes. We comb through your sales records, identify oversights by Amazon, and ensure you receive the correct compensation for any discrepancies or issues that may arise during your transactions.

Amazon Vendor Challenges

Revenue recovery is the solution for your business if you experience these challenges as a vendor on Amazon:

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Profit Leakage

Loss due to accounting errors made by Amazon.

Supply Chain Management Challenges

Tedious manual tracking and recovery process for inventory discrepancies.


Lack of Clarity and Control

Limited visibility into profit leakage & accounting discrepancies makes you feel like you’re in the dark. To add to that, there is manual effort required to analyze Co-Op agreements and match them with sales data.


Recover revenue how?

By combining automation, industry expertise and advanced technologies, we empower Amazon vendors to recover lost revenue, improve profitability, and gain peace of mind. Recovered funds can also be reallocated to other areas of business to support further growth.

Our audit software combs through data from the last 2 years to look for possible recovery opportunities. 100% automatic.

We dispute invalid chargebacks from the last 30 days. You provide the charges and evidence, we dispute them.

Totally automatic audit and recovery process.

Vendors must supply BOLs to conduct audits.

100% automatic audit and recovery process.

How VASO Revenue Recovery Stands Out from the Competition

We know there are other revenue recovery providers out there, but our competitive rates and automated solutions give us an edge over other agencies.

Automated Audits

For most of our services, you don’t have to put in extra hours to identify discrepancies. Our machines work for you, freeing up time for more important tasks.

Competitive Rates

We charge 20% of your recovered funds only. No commission based on projected numbers, and you are protected from overcharging.

Clarity and Control

We offer vendors full visibility into the recovery process, ensuring you are in control of your funds.

“VASO Group continually finds areas for growth and we cannot be more pleased with their Revenue Recovery program.”


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