API & Automation

We streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experience through eCommerce API integration and automation.

eCommerce API Integration Right at Your Fingertips.

No more manually pulling reports from Vendor or Seller Central and plugging them into Excel; our data wizards can seamlessly connect your eCommerce profiles with various marketplaces, third-party systems, and internal tools. This integration streamlines inventory management, product catalog updates, and other critical operations, ensuring consistent and accurate information across all sales channels.

Cross-Platform Reporting for a Holistic View of Your Business

Let the machine do the compiling of data for you, and you can focus on analyzing it for valuable insights. Our data solution connects platform with platform so they speak directly to each other, reducing human error while extracting and uploading data from one source to the other.

Connect to Any Data Source

Data Virtuality Pipes provides connectors to various data sources like Amazon, Walmart, and more. This flexibility allows us to bring together data from various sources and give you the full picture, not just the pieces.

Customized APIs

We develop customized APIs that facilitate efficient data exchange and synchronization across different platforms. Instead of using cookie-cutter integrations, your business gets access to personalized data resources.

Custom Metrics

We create custom metrics from existing API-sourced metrics for a more personalized view of your business. Track and measure the success of any performance indicators, not just the ones already outlined for you.

Data Done the Right Way - Your Way

Data drives the eCommerce industry. The right data at the right time makes all the difference. As such, our automated analytics and reporting systems are designed to provide you with real-time insights into your business performance, effectively removing busy work from your everyday operations.

Automated Data Integrations

We integrate with data warehouses, business intelligence tools (like Pacvue), and visualization platforms (like Domo) to collect, analyze, and present data from various sources. Our approach ensures that you have access to actionable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Automated Custom Reporting

Taking it a step further, we can automate the generation of custom reports and dashboards, so you can monitor KPIs that are important to you and identify growth opportunities.