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Your eCommerce Questions, Answered

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Do I need to register my brand on Amazon?

Yes! Brand Registry protects your business from unauthorized 3rd party sellers. Reach out to our Account Management team for more assistance with this registration.

Should my brand be on Vendor Central or Seller Central?

Depending on your business’s capabilities, each platform offers its own pros and cons. Reach out to our Account Management team for more details.

What is A+ content on Amazon?

A+ content, or Enhanced Brand Content, is a powerful tool in your Amazon content toolkit. It allows you to create a digital brand storefront using your own assets, allowing complete creative control and facilitating a consistent brand experience on Amazon. Reach out to our Content team for more details.

How do I get on the 1st page of Amazon search results?

To get in the good graces of Amazon’s A10 algorithm, aim to improve your organic ranking through compelling product/brand content and leverage your paid advertising to bring more traffic to your brand. Reach out to our Content and Advertising team for more assistance.