PPC - Pay Per Click

Count on us to be your trusted Amazon PPC agency. Our PPC experts remove the guesswork from bidding on converting keywords, and will maximize your return on investment with our client-focused approach.

What is PPC ?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is a means for ecommerce sellers to promote their products directly to target audiences. Simply put, advertisers pay a small fee every time a customer clicks on their ads. Usually known as a fundamental component of ecommerce marketing; its impact is everything but elementary.

VASO is a business-centric Amazon PPC agency: our Amazon and Walmart.com experts do the marketing based on your business’s needs, not the industry’s benchmarks. Our carefully crafted, personalized PPC advertising strategy ensures the right customers make their way to your product detail pages, reducing excess investment on unqualified leads.

We Reach Your Shoppers at Every Step of the Shopper Journey

Utilizing the full Amazon PPC tech stack, we create advertising strategies that meet consumers at all stages of their buying journey.

Sponsored Products

This type of Amazon ad showcases individual products within search results and on product detail pages. Advertisers bid on keywords related to their products, and their ads appear when shoppers search for those keywords.

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands display a custom headline, logo, and multiple products. These ads are usually displayed at the top of search results and help drive traffic to a brand’s Amazon Store or a custom landing page.

Sponsored Display

These ads target shoppers based on their shopping behavior and interests. This helps increase brand visibility and can drive traffic to specific product pages.

We Simplify the Shopping Experience with Walmart.com Ads

Walmart.com is a similar yet totally different playing field compared to Amazon, with some familiar ad types and placements, plus some unique ones. Rest assured you are not on stranger tides with the help of our marketing experts.

Sponsored Brands

Similar to Amazon’s Sponsored Brands ads, this type of ad is primarily top-funnel, focusing on improving brand awareness and reach.

Display Ads

Walmart’s display ads are banner-like ads that appear on Walmart.com. These ads can target specific demographics and user behaviors, helping brands reach their desired audience.

Sponsored Products

Also a bottom-funnel strategy similar to Amazon, Walmart.com offers sponsored product ads that appear within search results and on product pages.

Buy Box Banner

This type of ad promotes a product prominently on its own detail page. This placement helps grab shoppers’ attention when they’re actively considering a purchase.


A Tailored PPC Advertising Strategy that Helps You Succeed

Let our in-house marketing experts help you expedite your advertising learning process: our “value added, service oriented” approach to advertising will place your products in front of the customer for the lowest cost possible.

Personalized Strategy

Based on your business’s needs, we propose a custom combination of PPC ads, fitted with the right budget allocation.

Cost-Conscious Bids

We start low and then work our way up based on performance.

Data-Driven Optimization

We use data to inform our optimization decisions. No sixth sense here.

PPC Advertising is an Investment, not an Expense

As business owners, you care about the bottom line. And in the near future, advertising might seem like the wrong type of investment: after all, starting from the ground up means there is a lot of building until advertising can yield positive results. However, it’s important to remember that advertising is a long game, with incremental growth at every step of the way to lead to a consistently great return.