Brand Protection

While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, fakes and phonies creeping in on your buy box feel more like an insult to your hard work. Our Amazon brand protection service helps protect your turf.


Kicking 3P sellers off your page.

The Amazon Brand Registry is available to all sellers. When vendors encounter a snag, we have the experience to resolve conflicts and achieve resolutions for your brand. Instead of wasting your time managing cases and dealing with often frustrating support tickets, let us work our magic.

Protect Your Brand with Our Amazon Brand Protection Solutions

Depend on us to prevent infringement and strengthen your Brand presence in the first place. We can leverage old items to boost new items, launching new products based on, for instance, existing colorways. Something as simple as variating, or grouping similar collection items together, can help showcase your brand. Our dedicated content team has a few tricks as well.