Omni Channel

Our omni channel advertising strategy is holistic: we care about the big picture, and how its puzzle pieces make up a cohesive whole. We pay extra attention to the parts that grow the bottom line the most, while also not neglecting the smaller but reliable revenue streams. Most importantly, we ensure that the omni platforms complement, and not hinder each other.

Streamlined Customer Experience Across Platforms

Omni channel advertising is all about consistency and unity. Our marketing team works in tandem with content, account management, and data analytics teams to present your brand consistently on every platform, creating a unified brand identity and experience to keep your customers engaged.

Consistent Branding

Maintaining consistent visual elements and messaging across all platforms helps customers recognize your brand easily and builds trust.

Unified Customer Experience

Whether a customer engages with your brand on Amazon,, or through Google Ads, the shopping experience is cohesive from product discovery to checkout.

Seamless Shopping Journey

Omnichannel marketing focuses on making the customer journey seamless. Customers can research products on one platform and complete the purchase on another without friction.

Data Integration

Integrating data from various platforms allows you to better understand customer behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling more personalized marketing efforts.

Cross-Platform Integration

Linking your various online platforms ensures that your marketing efforts are complementary, enhancing visibility and engagement.

Omni Channel Advertising is Not Built in One Day…

But its benefits only increase with time, making your investment a worthwhile venture.

Wider Reach

Utilizing multiple platforms increases your reach, allowing you to connect with customers on their preferred channels.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Consistent messaging and an integrated experience lead to higher customer engagement and interaction.

Holistic Data Insights

 Integrating data from different platforms provides a holistic view of customer behavior, leading to more informed decisions.

We Can Help Create a Robust Omni Channel Advertising Operation

Omnichannel marketing requires careful planning, strategic execution, and regular analysis to ensure that your brand message remains consistent and your customers enjoy a unified shopping experience. Let us work with you to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that resonates with your target audience across various touchpoints.

Client-Focused Setup

Not all advertising platforms are made equal: some are more conversion-friendly, while others are better suited for raising awareness. Using historical and industry data, we determine what advertising platforms are most suitable for your products, business model, and goals.

Personalized Strategy

How can Google Ads complement Amazon? We determine the best mix of ad platforms, as well as the ad types in each platform, in order to create the most streamlined shopping experience for customers and surpass projections.

Data-Driven Optimization

Our data-driven optimization model allows us to enhance what’s working, adjust what needs help, and stop what’s ineffective. No spidey senses here.


"Zebra Pen has been working with the Vaso Group since 2017. They are great to work with as they invest their time with Zebra Pen and Amazon. They never stop learning about Amazon and Zebra Pen."

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Brian Kerrigan

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