Stand Out: Showcase Your Image and Identity through Amazon Brand Stores

On a platform the size of Amazon, maintaining your brand image and identity can be a struggle even on the best of days. Between the sheer number of competitors, third party sellers and UI design limitations, your brand’s voice and presence can easily become disconnected from your main digital marketing strategy. With so many digital shoppers starting their online purchasing journey on Amazon, having a dedicated Amazon brand strategy that both mimics and works in tandem with your other branding efforts is essential to your overall success. 

What is the Amazon Brand Store?

Amongst the available marketing tools provided by Amazon, the brand store sits comfortably at the top of the list for most efficient and effective. Through its customizable design and rich media support, the Amazon brand store helps you create a personalized shopping experience with your brand at its core.

Amazon Brand Store Best Practices

While your storefront is only one part of an incredibly complex marketplace success strategy, it is nonetheless superbly multifunctional and can be designed to address multiple distinct and interconnected goals. 

1. Reclaim or establish your brand image

Everything in your storefront is about your brand. Away from the clutter of a search engine results page and the visual saturation of a product detail page, the brand store is your opportunity to control what customers see. You can design your brand store within Amazon’s guidelines to provide a unique welcome for customers. From your brand’s story and vision to your brand’s identity and product value—all the key elements that will help customers get to know you or recognize you while increasing your brand awareness and positioning have a place in the brand store.

2. Curate your customers’ shopping experience

Nobody knows your customers better than you. Using the customizable features of the brand store, you can create a shopping experience that fulfills your customers’ expectations for your brand. For example, you can rely on your own website’s performance data to create an initial store format that your customers would find familiar and easy to navigate. Or you can break down your product in simple categories that would be easy to understand by new customers, while focusing on rich media content like photos and videos that would instantly engage new and repeating customers alike. Whatever the approach, you can build a seamless shopping experience that your customers will remember.

3. Increase the visibility of your featured products

In keeping up with everything from inventory levels to advertising efforts and performance data, your brand’s focus shifts continuously between products and product lines. Your Amazon storefront is an excellent tool for highlighting the items you’d like your audience to know about. Whether it be holiday items, best-selling products, struggling items, excess inventory or new launches, featuring them in the brand store will ensure higher visibility and traffic.

4. Support your new product launches

Aside from being a dedicated brand space customers can count on for a complete lineup of your Amazon offerings, the storefront can bring attention (and traffic!) to your new product launches. From a teaser banner or video to a dedicated page focusing on the unique selling points of your new items, you can use the brand store to create interest and awareness for your new product line.

Being both a calling card for your brand image and a useful tool for increasing overall sales, not having a curated Amazon brand store is no longer an option. For ideas and help with your Amazon brand store, speak with your account manager or reach out to us.


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