Amazon Image Generator AI: Benefits and Things to Keep in Mind

While artificial intelligence and machine learning have been around since the 1950s, it’s no secret to anyone that enthusiasm around these technologies has spiked within the last few years as they become increasingly more integrated into our daily lives. Amazon has jumped on this tech trend and unveiled their new image generator AI during Unboxed 2023. The new tool is aimed at making it easier for sellers to create engaging lifestyle photos for their product listings, sponsored brand ads and more.

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The Benefits

Cost-Effective Efficiency in Content Creation

Creating lifestyle images typically involves hiring photographers and on-camera talent, as well as paying for access to shooting locations. That can get very expensive very quickly. This Amazon image generator AI tool provides a cost-effective alternative, reducing both the financial commitment and the time commitment associated with this process. Sellers can quickly and easily create high-quality photos, saving time, effort and money while designing effective marketing material. 

Customization and Personalization

By utilizing pre-existing, standard white-background images of your product and adjusting the generated images according to text prompts that you provide, the tool offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor images to your specific needs. This means that businesses can create content that accurately reflects their brand identity and is more likely to attract their ideal customer base. 


If your business has a large product catalog, taking the time to create quality lifestyle images for the entire catalog can be an undertaking. This generative AI tool makes it easier to create a high volume of images in a shorter amount of time, thus supporting scalability. 


Consistency is imperative to effective branding and the image generator ensures uniformity, eliminating discrepancies in visual content and allowing companies to maintain a level of continuity across their marketing materials. 

Time Saving in A/B Testing:

Marketers often need to create multiple variations of an image for A/B testing and advertising. This tool can generate different versions of a lifestyle image, saving time and effort in determining which campaigns are most effective.

Potential Drawbacks

A Question of Quality

While it can simplify the content creation process and produce impressive images, the Amazon image generator AI still relies heavily on the seller providing quality images of their product, therefore not completely negating the need for resources such as a photography studio or enlisting professional help. If the initial photo is of low quality, the resulting lifestyle images will also be low quality.

Over-Reliance on Technology

An over-reliance on this feature may lead to a lack of originality and variety across Amazon’s platform. This could cause brands to appear robotic and less appealing to consumers in the future if too many companies’ content begins to look overly similar. Brands could find it harder to stand out from their competitors and catch the eyes of customers, becoming lost in the noise they’ve worked so hard to break away from.  

The Human Element – Communication and Creativity

When you go to a professional creative for help with a project, it is incredibly important that the artist be a good communicator. For the end result to be successful, a creative employs skills such as active listening, the ability to identify pain points and the ability to interpret a client’s intent with as much or as little information as the client is able to provide.

One of the shortcomings of text-based generative AI is that it relies heavily on clearly communicated input. Its inability to read between the lines, infer and be imaginative means that the quality of the final product produced hinges on our ability to be clear and thoroughly concise in what our needs and expectations are. This is so significant that “AI Prompt Writer” is becoming a new and highly valued role within some companies.

Leveraging Amazon Image Generator AI

To leverage this technology effectively, it’s essential that sellers do three things:

  1. Invest the proper resources into creating quality product imagery. This will increase the chances of the image generator providing lifestyle images that meet your quality standards. 
  1. Be extremely specific when writing your prompts for the AI so that you can best ensure it will provide what you want for your business’ content. 
  1. Develop balance between utilizing AI to increase productivity and minimize production barriers while also remaining aware of the possible shortcomings involved with becoming overly reliant on the image generator. 

By doing so, businesses can take full advantage of this beneficial tool and continue to be competitive in an increasingly visual and digital world.


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