Amazon Enhanced Brand Content: Key to Maximizing Your Product Pages

Optimizing the content on your product pages with complete product descriptions and beautiful product photos can help you improve your sales. Of course, there are potential customers who like to learn a little more before committing to purchase. Since you can’t sit down with each Amazon customer who browses your product to enlighten them on how your product can solve a specific problem, you need a tool to assist with conversion while they’re visiting your product page.

Enhanced Brand Content (A+ Content or EBC) is an application available to professional vendors and sellers for products in their approved brand catalog. This feature allows you to educate potential customers on the benefits of this specific product, with the end goals of winning the buy box and satisfying the customer’s needs.

Why Amazon Recommends Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon is very clear about the impact A+ has on increasing sales. As they state in Vendor Central:

“The primary purpose of A+ content is to aid in conversion, and we recommend combining A+ content with other programs such as ads, deals, or coupons to help with discoverability. The 5% increase is an average from a 2018 analysis of 100K+ US ASINs over a 90 day period, and not a guarantee of future sales. Results may vary based on factors such as content quality, product price and category.”

The potential buyer has landed on your product page, and now is your chance to win the buy box. In the world of sales, it’s an extra opportunity to close them and convert them from a browser to a customer. While additional promotions and marketing support sales, A+ may be the bottom-of-the-funnel action that finalizes the purchase.

Additional Benefits of A+

In addition to the sales boost, there are other benefits to having A+ content on your product pages.

  • A+ differentiates you from your competitors. Additional images and copy in your A+ projects detail the specifics about your brand and your products.
  • It shares your brand story. Company values, mission and vision can help create a connection between your values and their own.
  • It sells an idea. You can show and tell potential customers how using your product will make them feel or how it could solve a problem they didn’t even know they had.
  • A+ supports brand integrity in the face of counterfeit products. Your content may assist you in an issue with a third party seller.
  • It’s a chance to address what comes up in reviews. Use the additional space to tell the consumer what to expect from your product, covering any misperceptions or confusions about the product that could lower customer satisfaction.

Which Products Need Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

In an ideal world, all of your ASINs would have A+. To get started, narrow your focus to specific items. Amazon suggests getting started with items with premium prices, items that have differentiated benefits and features than competitors, or those with a strong brand story.

With A+, you can cross-sell between different products to show the good-better-best trade-up strategy, or create a feature table comparing your multiple products to educate the consumer and ensure that they clearly understand what they are buying.

If you need help determining which products could use A+ right away or need help with your A+ content, reach out to us and let’s start a conversation.


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