The Importance of the Amazon Product Description

Consider the factors that influenced your last online purchase. If you were making a routine purchase for simple necessities, you may not have spent a lot of time researching for the exact, right product. However, a less-routine purchase likely prompted a bit more research, looking into product details, reviews and photos to determine if it would suit your needs.

With Amazon’s Buy Box at stake, your product details should be complete enough to guide consumers’ decisions. Customers have an idea in mind about what they want and what problems a product will solve for them. For them, your product can improve their ability to perform certain functions, provide them with comfort and ease in specific situations, or stir particular emotions that give them a boost. With their own idea of a perfect solution in mind, they seek out your product and consider a purchase based on the information you provide in your product detail page. Anything you don’t clarify will be filled in by their imagination, and that can be problematic.

When your product doesn’t match what they imagined, it’s no surprise that the customer gives a negative review or returns the product, especially when you didn’t tell them what to expect. This is where your product descriptions can help customers make an informed decision to purchase the product that suits their needs.

What Consumers Expect from Your Amazon Product Description

Customers use the information you provide to make purchasing decisions. Missing details could mean you lose the sale because customers can’t determine if your product will indeed solve their problem.

Here’s a short list of helpful information about your product that can influence buying decisions:

  • size (measurements) and if it runs small or large
  • what the package includes
  • weight (Will this item be too heavy for their needs? Too lightweight?)
  • material
  • clasps, closures, operation instructions (Can they make it work?)
  • care
  • any quirks or adjustments they might expect to maximize use of the product
  • necessary components sold separately (like batteries)

Consider video imagery or photos from multiple angles so they aren’t surprised by how it looks. Any and all information you can provide will help your customer match the product to their own ideal. 

Benefits of a Complete Amazon Product Description

  • When you invest in thorough product descriptions, you’re more likely to delight customers and build brand loyalty.
  • You may have fewer returns because people will know what they’re getting, including the little quirks that might affect their decision to buy. (Does the product have a quirk they can live with, or is it a deal breaker that would later result in a bad review?)
  • Customer experience is improved because the product is more likely to meet expectations when your product description sets those expectations.
  • Customers make informed decisions and are more likely to give positive feedback when they get what they expect.

Beware keyword stuffing as it’s counterproductive. Yes, “wireless” may rank high for SEO, but if your product isn’t actually wireless, your customers will be displeased when they receive it.

Don’t Neglect Those Rating and Reviews

A survey from SheSpeaks in May 2020 revealed that 97% of women have consulted product reviews before deciding to purchase. Additionally, 92% of consumers trust online reviews from people they don’t know as much as they would a referral from friends and family.

To gather more ratings and reviews, include “welcome” cards or product inserts with your product. Greet your customers with a friendly “hello” plus simple instructions on how to use the product. Request an unbiased review if they purchased the product online. Provide your social media handles or QR codes for a quick scan to engage with you online, get product inspiration, and view other items in your Amazon store. In short, your welcome insert should show that you care about the customer and their satisfaction with your product. Note that Amazon does not permit you to solicit a 5-star rating or offer compensation for a review.

According to Broadly, seven out of ten customers will leave a review when asked. Additionally, they note that 78% of buyers who read reviews first were satisfied with their final purchase.

Amazon lists “Customer Obsession” as a core principle, which further supports the goal to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. Customer trust is earned and requires work. Gaining their trust starts with meeting or exceeding expectations in crafting a high-quality Amazon product description and including excellent product photos in your listings.


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